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Sacred 2 - Preview @ The BorgGaming

by Magerette, 2008-02-15 18:45:38

The official site for Ascaron's action rpg Sacred 2: Fallen Angel posts a link to a preview at German site TheBorgGaming. Here are a few excerpts:

...In Sacred 2 you have to play though 180 main- and the unbelievable number of around 650 sidequests. The mainquests will be linear leading you through the storyline, in the course of which you will travel to all important locations of Ancaria. Regardless that you can always play sidequests, whenever you like. This is even recommendable, because it's a good way to level your character. Whenever needed, you can easily go back to the mainquest using your questlog. Nevertheless you can explore Ancaria on your own initiative. There're no limits and you can go wherever you like. Just the increasing strength of the monsters will stop you from time to time...

...There are six playable character classes. Seraphim, the Shadow Warrior, the Inquisitor, the Dryad, the Temple Guardian and the High Elf. Seraphim can only be played on the light side and the Inquisitor only on the dark side. For the others you can choose in the beginning of the game between light and dark side. This decision can't be reversed during the game. Depending on your choice gaming experience will change. Furthermore every character has to choose a divinity. This divinity provides you with special, supernatural combat skills, which will have an extreme long recharge time, and therefore should only be used in special situations.

Every class will have a special mount. So far the saber-toothed tiger for Seraphim and the hellhound for the Shadow Warrior are known. The special mounts will have their own attack skills, which can be used while riding them. There will be neutral mounts, as horses, which can be used by all classes. It will even be possible to equip your mounts with bridle, saddle and special armors.


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