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Gods: Lands of Infinity - Review @ Four Fat Chicks

by Dhruin, 2006-07-05 22:32:00
Four Fat Chicks jumps the release of GODS: Lands of Infinity just a little to bring a short <a href="http://www.fourfatchicks.com/Reviews/Gods_LOI/Gods.shtml" target="_blank">review</a>. There's no score as usual for this site other than a "thumbs up", so here's the conclusion:<blockquote><em>Tough but very miserly opponents, coupled with having to spend so much time in "FedEx" mode just to make a profit from trade, are my only real complaints with this game. I did mention that Cypron Studios is a Slovakian developer, and it can be obvious in some of the game's scripting. This is less apparent in the game's dialogue, but it is noticeable (not that it detracts from this game at alla  or at least not for me). I may have missed a minor gripe or two beyond thisa  it is rather hard for me to constantly look for problems when I'm having fun. And I did have fun playing Gods: Lands of Infinitya  no question about that at all.</em></blockquote>

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