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Depths of Peril - v1.009 Beta Patch

by Dhruin, 2008-02-20 22:20:51

Soldak continues to tweak Depths of Peril, with Beta v1.009 tidying up some localisation issues and minor bugs - and also adding a "Loner Challenge mode":

  • fixed Cold typo
  • fixed not being able to finish tutorial in hardcore mode
  • changed covenant stash to shared stash wording in tutorial quest
  • fixed some html/vbulletin export ordering issues
  • fixed localization of covenant short names
  • fixed Resume Game translation
  • now Default Frequency is localized
  • now numCovenants option is localized
  • now guard & relic comparison stuff is localized
  • fixed some localization problems with hotkeys
  • localized saved monster text for journal stats
  • fixed some other journal localization issues
  • fixed Close not being localized on the equipment menu
  • localized quest progress stuff correctly
  • localized a few more things on keyboard screen
  • fixed an issue with cfg files not supporting unicode correctly
  • simplified version UI
  • made selected entity UI a bit bigger
  • decreased starting max damage of monsters a bit
  • made first areas have less champion, elite, and unique monsters
  • added loner challenge mode

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