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RPGWatch - New Poll

by Dhruin, 2008-02-20 23:29:41

Wow, it's way past time to kick up a new poll.

The last one asked Was 2007 a good year for RPGs? and most of our readers were positive - 38% said it was a great year while the biggest response - 41% - said it was "OK". A bit over 15% weren't very happy while 5% characterised 2007 as "terrible".

Pulling that together, 20% were unhappy and 80% were at least partly satisfied.

This time around we're asking about your favourite RPG element - hit the poll on the right for some explanation and to cast your vote.

Edit:  Looks like the hamster running the voting link fell off his wheel, so until our hamster wrangler/technical guru looks into that, you'll have to find your way to the Polls forum to vote.

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