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Depths of Peril - Review @ Gameslave

by Magerette, 2008-02-21 17:27:30

UK gaming site gameSlave has posted a review of Soldak Entertainment's action rpg/strategy title, Depths of Peril, awarding the game a score of 7.5/10:

The words 'Diablo-clone' are thrown around a lot in RPG reviews, and not always in a good way. This game, however, is more like the bastard son of the Diablo-clone family, taking the best of that genre and evolving into a different type of RPG.

 On the pros:

Through a clever combat and skills system, whatever class of character you chose can lever up fairly quickly, unlocking higher skills, more powerful attacks and better equipment from the merchants that wander the streets and fields of the world. The skills menus are all very easy to work with, using a simple drag and drop approach to advancement which makes levelling up pain free and opens up a lot of options for the discerning mage or warrior to specialise, or stick with being an all round fighter.

On the cons:

But it's not all shiny gems and sharp short-swords; Depths of Peril suffers more than a few faults below its fantasy exterior. Like many other so called Diablo-clones, the game is played with an isometric perspective and this doesn't really flatter the graphics, the characters are not animated to the level you might expect of a modern game and the world itself is not very inspiring to the eye. Still, it's not terrible considering the tiny size of the development team. Jorvik seems more like a tiny village than a prosperous town, and the predictable areas surrounding the settlement (open fields, dangerous dungeons etc) aren't very well detailed.


Overall, Depths of Peril is definitely worth a try, graphics and learning curve aside, the game offers plenty of depth and the diplomatic aspect of the game gives it a lot more punch than other RPGs on the market at the moment. However, it is definitely not for the RPG beginner and don't expect a game to rival the likes of Oblivion in looks and depth.


Source: Bluesnews

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