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Stranger - Preview @ GameZone

by Magerette, 2008-02-23 19:45:50

GameZone has posted a preview of Fireglow's RTS/RPG hybrid, Stranger, scheduled for March release in N.A. Here's a short snip:

Just when you thought that all real-time strategy games were built upon the same control schemes, along comes Stranger. Stranger is a quirky blend of RTS and RPG, developed by Fireglow and to be published by CDV in early March. The game is an isometric title that does have an intriguing storyline, though in the preview build received, the way the narrative is told is a bit lacking.

The game’s strengths are self-evident. The AI is very smart and can take care of itself in terms of combat should you have a lapse in attention, but this is a game that commands your attention. It is a blend of sorcery and melee combat, with crafting elements. Overlay strategic elements and you have a game that may not be the prettiest on the market, but has the potential to set some new trends in the RTS-RPG hybrid genre.

Source: Bluesnews

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