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Former Leipzig GC Relocates to Cologne

by Magerette, 2008-02-25 17:03:40

Avantenor writes in to tell us the results of a press conference regarding the future of the former Liepzg Games Convention. This event, a consumer showcase for the European game industry, will now move to Cologne and be known as the GAMESCom. The date of the conference will change from August to September.

This post at Eurogamer gives the rationale behind the move:

The new event, GAMESCom, will begin in September 2009 and enjoy considerably better travel access and accommodation resources than its Leipzig counterpart.

German TV station RTL and the World Cyber Games are based in Cologne as well, with both said to be playing a key role in the new event.

There's also German language coverage at Eurogamer.de.


Gorath adds that this year's Games Conference is still scheduled for August in Liepzig.

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