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Stranger - Preview @ Gaming Excellence

by Magerette, 2008-02-27 16:15:06

GamingExcellence  has a preview up for Fireglow's action RPG/RTS hybrid, Stranger, and gives it a thorough look:

Stranger is a real-time tactical strategy and RPG hybrid. Unlike most typical RTS games though, this one doesn't really focus on the battlefield as much as it does a small handful of units. In each map you are presented with a few main characters, and as you progress through the map you'll hire mercenaries to do the rest of the dirty work. It offers up a similar hack-and-slash style of play, and introduces a few interesting features along the way...

...Stranger has a lot of potential, whether or not it is fully reached depends a lot on the development team and supporting the game post release. With an interesting magic and crafting system, and a decent story, North American fans may find that Stranger satisfies their craving for a solid hack-and-slash experience. If FireGlow can have a few of the technical issues ironed out, the game will be in much better shape and would better help welcome fans of the genre into the fold

Source: Bluesnews

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