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White Gold - Progress Report

by Dhruin, 2008-02-28 21:16:36

Deep Shadows' official blog has an update on the development progress of White Gold:

Deep Shadows team is glad to make known a couple more steps to the desired finish of the White Gold: War in Paradise.

All missions and dialogues in the game are already finished.

Inventory of ingame traders was tuned to the most convinient and final variant, at last. We have already finalized all works and tweaks over our models and animations. Increased number of availible skins for NPCs, to support greater devirsity. Our gamedesigners managed to set up all available vehicles around the gameworld. By the way, if want to stole a car, you`ll need a jimmy to unlock it or use correspondent skill imroved to the high level. This will be the fastest way to get vehicle, as well as you can buy it in normal way. All our NPCs are acivated and ready to communicate with player.

The most significant step made in development process is system of weather change. I assure you, It looks remarkably.

Anyway we still have a lot of tasks to do. Like quests tweaking in brackets of our new weather system, daytime etc. For example stealth missions will be easer in dark time, storm will make traveling water areas a very hard task, etc. Moreover, our QA department working with test kit for Xbox 360 at the moment, to work out console part of the game.

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