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Hard to be a God - Press Release

by Dhruin, 2008-02-28 21:23:42

One imagines the sole purpose of this press release sent over to us by Nobilis is to simply get a news bit - which means it worked, because here we go.  Apparently this reveals the "unique roleplaying aspects":

Unique Role Playing Aspects Of Hard To Be A God Revealed


Hard To Be A God, the new action and adventure game from Ascaron to be released in April, uniquely combines the sci-fi and medieval fantasy genres with a mix of Hack & Slash and RPG gameplay. Exceptional attention to detail during game development results in an in-depth storyline, advanced character development and a diverse range of quests, set on a planet locked in medieval times.

Blurring genres
The original storyline distinguishes it from other role playing games. The crossover of medieval fantasy and sci-fi provides a unique opportunity to combine the archaic with the futuristic, mixing a medieval backdrop with technologically advanced items. The in-depth and intriguing story development immerses the player in the role of a secret agent sent from a futuristic Earth to the medieval, alien planet of Arkanar.

Character customisation

As the game progresses a unique individual, far removed from the secret agent at the start, will have evolved. Customisation of the character is made possible through combat skill or ability development, such as swordsmanship or negotiation. This fine-tunes the character to suit a particular type of gameplay. The different guises that the character is forced to take on, including bandit, don, aristocrat and monk, will affect the combat methods and style of gameplay.

Range of quests

A variety of quests needs to be completed, from defeating ruthless bandits to recovering a lost child. Different individuals will be met along the way, each with their own background storyline, adding to the depth of the game. Alternate ways to complete quests give the player choice in how best to progress; some quests require clever battle tactics or diplomacy, i.e. if outnumbered by a gang, kill the leader and the rest will cooperate, while others are dependent on nerve and strength.

Try your luck at survival by visiting www.hardtobeagod.com to download the demo.

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