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Mass Effect - PC Preview @ ActionTrip

by Magerette, 2008-03-01 17:05:48

There's another preview up of the PC version of Bioware's rpg, Mass Effect, this one at Action Trip. They take a look at the revamping of the XBox version for it's upcoming May release and give some details of the differences:

The first thing you'll notice about the PC version are sharper visuals and better overall performance...Textures and landscape features will load faster than on Microsoft's console.

Giving Mass Effect a makeover isn't the developer's top priority. Their goal is to create a single-player experience that's even more rewarding than the original release. Aside from the inevitable new visual touches and sharper graphics, Mass Effect PC does away with certain gameplay restrictions and other frustrating elements...

The interface received a welcomed overhaul, which should make the use of biotics and special attacks a lot easier. Players can now designate up to 8 different abilities, shown in the upper left portion of the screen. Hot-keys can be assigned to allow for quicker access during combat. The inventory system also sports a number of improvements, both aesthetical and practical. Items may be sorted by type, giving you a chance to browse through your inventory intuitively -without wasting much time looking for a specific weapon or item. Switching weapons is easily done by using the keys F1-F4.

Here comes the bit you all wanted to hear. Character movement and action is accomplished via the WASD and mouse combo, widely expected by PC gamers. Mind you, this will be the default setting. Gamers may remap the keys any way they see fit. Using the Xbox 360 controller will be an option too...

Source: Bluesnews

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