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KotOR 3 - Concept Art Rumors

by Magerette, 2008-03-01 17:46:40

GamesRadar has posted a tidbit on the possiblity of some artwork for KotOR 3 surfacing on the webpage of  LucasArts concept artist James Zhang. While there's no indication these images are confirmed for any version of the series, fans may want to check them out anyway. Here's the link to the pics, and this is from the article itself:

A batch of images rumoured to be for Knights of the Old Republic III has popped up on JZConcepts.com, website of LucasArts' concept artist, James Zhang. Question is, are the images from his pitch for the project or the real thing?

We'll probably never know if the images are from KOTOR III, unless LucasArts puts us all out of our misery and confirms the title's development.

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