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Titan Quest Review @ Action Gamer

by Kalia, 2006-07-06 13:36:00
Atomic Gamer is the latest site to kick out their review of TQ. Handing out a respectable 85%, they say:
What does help to redeem the game's failings in multiplayer is the inclusion of a full set of tools for creating your own levels and quests; a really ambitious modder could theoretically recreate the whole game with new maps and even some original ideas for monster placement, but time will tell if the community really picks this one up. I've seen many games with great modding tools and plenty of players on launch, yet no one really bothered with making any mods at all. It seems like a good possible bonus, but I wouldn't buy this game on the possibility of mods alone.
Read it here.
Source: TQ Vault

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