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White Gold: War in Paradise Screens

by Dhruin, 2006-07-06 13:43:00
Publisher Russobit-M sent over some screens from Deep Shadows' follow up to Boiling Point, White Gold: Road to Paradise. Here's a sample:<br><br><table cellpadding="1" align="center"><tr><td width="200"><a href="http://newspics.rpgdot.com/imageview.php?dir=gallery/1396/Screenshots/&name=wg_15[1].jpg" target="ImageView"><img src="http://newspics.rpgdot.com/gallery/1396/Screenshots/tn_wg_15[1].jpg" border=0 alt="Display full image"></a></td><td><a href="http://newspics.rpgdot.com/imageview.php?dir=gallery/1396/Screenshots/&name=wg_12[1].jpg" target="ImageView"><img src="http://newspics.rpgdot.com/gallery/1396/Screenshots/tn_wg_12[1].jpg" border=0 alt="Display full image"></a></td></tr></table><br><br>All five can be viewed in our <a href="http://newspics.rpgdot.com/galview.php?level=3&sort=&from=0&d2=1396&d3=Screenshots&d4=&d5=" target="_blank">gallery</a>. If you don't know this game, here's the description they sent over:<blockquote><em>White Gold:War in Paradise, a new tropical shooter from Deep Shadows (Boiling Point:Road to Hell) will elicit the low-down of the present-day armed conflicts. Ita "!s a free-play game, unique mixture of shooter and RPG. The game is set on Caribbean Islands. The main hero finds himself planted on the island in an uproar. His mission is to stay alive and investigate a string of mysterious events. <br><br>The game utilizes next-gen engine Vital Engine 3. It supports shaders 3.0, all the modern post-effects, such as motion-blur, HDR, etc. Many objects in the game are breakable, what makes the fights more impressive and gripping. As for weapons, now several upgrades (for example, sniper sight or a suppressor) will be reflected on the playera "!s weapon. As for armoury, there will appear several transport vehicles and arms, which we didna "!t have in Xenus. <br><br>Deep Shadows promises to strike everyone by huge open spaces and diversified gameplay. The release is set for Q4 2007.</em></blockquote>

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