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Titan Quest Reviews @ Hooked Gamers & Gamer.no

by Kalia, 2006-07-06 21:17:00
Hooked Gamers is the newest site to give TQ a great review including a perfect 10.00 for graphics. <blockquote>Titan Quest is a remarkable game, filled with wondrous sights, great lore, and rewarding gameplay a  but it is also imperfect, filled with enough little bugs to annoy, and an end that disappoints. While it is still a good game, a little more polish, some editing, and an ending cinematic appropriate for such a visually splendid game might have made Titan Quest outshine even Zeus himself.</blockquote>See it for yourself <a href="http://www.hookedgamers.com/reviews/2006/7/titan_quest/">right here</a>. Additionally, Norwegian site, Gamer.no, scored TQ 8/10: <blockquote>Theres a special feeling when you play (witness) a good crafted game and that feeling follows you often through Titan Quest. Theres not been done any special changes from similiar games but the well designed Experience system, the well working travel mode (might refer to different landscapes , bit ambiguous) and the strong multiplayer mode does that vetarans that desire a new world to explore should venture the trip to Greece (hellas) this summer. If you haven't played this kind of games before but think this sounds like fun should not be scared to try it since its easy to get into and has a friendly help system that tells you what to do while you are playing the game.</blockquote>If you read Norwegian, head <a href="http://www.gamer.no">over here</a>. Thanks Runeank for the heads up!
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