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Fantasy Wars - Review @ IncGamers

by Magerette, 2008-03-04 17:17:21

IncGamers has posted a review of the fantasy TB strategy title from Ascaron and Ino-Co, Fantasy Wars, and are much more positive about the game than the last review we looked at, giving it a 7.5/10:

 At first glance 'Fantasy Wars' is just another strategy game to add to the seemingly never-ending list of titles of the genre. In a market that is arguably saturated with strategy titles, why would any gamer out there want yet another of these games added to their collection? Well, rather than simply churning out a game that is a carbon copy of every other strategy title out there, Ino-Co have decided to shun an RTS-based gameplay and opt for what I feel is a more cerebral experience...

The idea is to use your existing units as strategically as possible; this is not a game where you spawn dozens and dozens of units and participate in a war of attrition against the enemy. As such you are rewarded for tactical deployment of your troops. Each unit accumulates experience and when they earn enough to level up they can gain special abilities...

Final verdict:

A refreshing title that admittedly has its flaws, but will reward the persistent player with a highly enjoyable experience. 

Source: Bluesnews

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