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The Witcher - Will it Become a Major Franchise? @ RPGVault

by Magerette, 2008-03-04 17:29:22

Jonric at RPGVault has posted  a short piece that covers no new bases, but looks at the game's development and speculates about the future intentions of CDProjektRed for their crpg, The Witcher:

Last month, the company revealed that sales had surpassed 600,000 copies in three months, definitely a solid number, especially considering the release date was in October, during the most competitive quarter of the year. A few days later, it announced The Witcher Enhanced Edition...

Naturally, I was already anticipating a sequel. The team is known to be working on an unannounced project, and what else would it be? But given all this plus CD Projekt Red's even more recent addition of a PR and marketing person for North America and the UK, there's ample reason to guess the studio has its sights set high. The most obvious guess would be growing The Witcher into a significant RPG and game franchise. Assuming this is so, I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing what's coming - and anticipating we'll see a lot more far sooner than another four years.


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