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Mass Effect - Bring Down the Sky Interview

by Dhruin, 2008-03-04 22:41:51

Bring Down the Sky is the name of the first bit of downloadable (X360) addon content for Mass EffectIGN has spoken to BioWare's Casey Hudson about the details:

IGN: Can you clarify what 90 minutes of gameplay means for this download? Does that mean 90 minutes as paragon and then another 90 as renegade? Is it 90 minutes of story elements and action similar to the main quests?

Casey Hudson:
The Batarian pack includes 90 minutes of gameplay for any particular character which includes a main story plot (the mission to stop the Batarians from crashing an asteroid into an inhabited planet) and some additional side-quest content. This does include a mix of story and action. Players can choose to play this content as a paragon or a renegade, which will result in different outcomes. The two paths are not completely separate bundles of content, however.

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