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New Dawn - Interview @ gry.o2.pl

by Dhruin, 2008-03-05 09:12:52

Polish site gry.o2.pl has an interview with Undead Society about their now canceled post-apoc project, New Dawn.  This was news to me but it isn't surprising to learn the project was too ambitious, however, they plan to pursue something easier to solidify their finances and come back to New Dawn later:

Klecha (Gry.o2.pl): Why did you cancel it? You did promise to release the demo.

Slawomir Szynkowski (Undead Society/EvoWare): There have been a lot of factors contributing to this decision. Firstly, it's the game engine. As time went by it became clear that the engine was not going to cope with such a huge project without ridiculously high system specifications. We just couldn't give up on some design elements, including graphics quality, because we believed it would hurt the game.

Secondly, we've had no secure financial support. We reached a point from which it was impossible to go on, unless we had some serious external financial aid. Even though we were optimistic, it became obvious that it is very hard to find support for such a game as ours, which in addition, is not competing with modern high-end RPG games.

We could either finish this kind of crippled game and disappoint our fans and ourselves, or suspend the whole thing, which we eventually did.

Source: Bluesnews

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