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Sacred 2 - GDC 2008 Insights @ RPG Vault

by Dhruin, 2008-03-07 21:22:17

This is the first of a series with RPG Vault's Jonric talking to various game developers about the recently completed GDC 2008.  For this first one, Ascaron and publisher CDV are were there for Sacred 2:

Jonric: What did you do at GDC this year, both officially and informally? What did you learn? What was most interesting? Did anything surprise you? What was most worthwhile and productive?

Heiko tom Felde
Managing Director
Ascaron Entertainment GmbH
We demoed Sacred 2 last year and made some promises. So officially, our aim this year was to deliver on them, and to show the progress our team has made since then. It was a milestone too. This GDC, our game was ready and stable, though the booth wasn't 100 percent because of some lost materials. :=))

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