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NWN - 1.69 Beta 7 and 8

by Dhruin, 2008-03-09 10:00:05

Avantenor sent in details of the latest NWN v1.69 patch betas and since he sent such a comprehensive email, I'm just going to post it in full:

Thursday and Friday Craig Wellburn released beta 7 and 8 of the upcoming patch 1.69 in the official forums. Changelog contains mostly fixes, but also three new additions since beta 6. I've put the two changelogs together (Links at the bottom of this mail):
Beta patch specific fixes made since Beta 7
  • Fixed issue with the scripting command SetCreatureAppearance() not restoring players to PC movement speed when restoring the character back to one of the playable races.
  • Fixed missing feat FEAT_EPIC_OVERWHELMING_CRITICAL_CLUB for Paladins.
  • Fixed TailModel.2da issue that was causing goblins to appear on some creature's backs (also fixed some templates that had wings/tails set to 205 (rather than 0).

Beta patch specific fixes made since Beta 6
  • Added support for 10 new custom animations (plus mount/dismount animations).
  • Fixed issue with the DM "Send Exit Event" radial command when used on generic triggers. The DM object wasn't being set correctly as the exiting object causing calls to GetExitingObject() to not work correctly.
  • Fix to GetDescription() scripting command to return the proper description for items.
  • Fixed Isacc's Missile Storm Projectile Traps to work again (x0_i0_spells.nss).
  • Fixed broken "Heavy War Horse" template in toolset palette.
  • Troglodyte Warrior had a Throwing Axe in their inventory that was dropable (now non-dropable)
  • Fixed attack bonus granted when attacking stunned creatures.
  • Fixed missing concealment bonus on the Shadowdancer's Epic Shadowlord (x2_ch_summon_sld.nss).
  • Fixed issue with Champions of Torm not being able to take Ambidexterity and Two Weapon Fighting as Bonus Feats (CLS_FEAT_DIVCHA.2da).
  • Updated description for "Hammer of the Gods" to properly relect the effects of a successful Will save.
  • Negative Energy Traps no longer harm undead (nw_t1_negavgc.nss, nw_t1_negstrc.nss, nw_t1_negdeadc.nss, nw_t1_negminc.nss).
  • Fixed AC Increase vs Damage Type item property to work correctly.
  • Added new nwnplayer.ini file setting to hide the hit points rolled on the level up summary gui (defaults to off).
    [Server Options]
    Hide Hit Points Gained=0

  • Added new option to the nwtoolset.ini file to set the toolset CPU affinity on multi-core computers. If you have more than one CPU on your PC, then you can use this setting to make the toolset run on only one of the CPUs by specifying the number of the CPU (0-31). Setting "CPU Affinity=-1" will turn off CPU affinity (default 0).
    [Start Up]
    "CPU Affinity".

  • Fixed some environment mapping issues for Wings/Tails in the toolset.
  • Fixed a scaling issue for Wings/Tails in the toolset.
  • Reprocessed a number of DDS textures to fix some graphical corruption issues on newer Nvidia cards (with the latest drivers).
  • Fixed incorrect portrait on Rope placeable.
  • Slight change to Script profiling to not list scripts that don't exist.

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