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Space Rangers 2 - Expansion Coming to TGN

by Dhruin, 2008-03-09 22:13:49

Back in September the Elemental boards had news of a "Gold" edition of Space Rangers 2 that would include additions and improvements:

New features:

- 20 new text quests!
- 27 new maps for planetary battles!
- New government tasks.
- New equipment and unique hull designs, including three super spaceships.
- New game modes: step-by-step progress through text quests and planetary battles.
- Expanded interface of ship’s hold and information center.

...and a few days ago, Stardock quietly let forum readers know TotalGaming.Net would have the exclusive on the "expansion pack":

Hey guys - just a heads-up on the down-low that TotalGaming.net will have the exclusive on the Space Rangers 2 expansion pack.   More info should be available in a couple weeks.

No other info, so we are assuming the expansion content is the same as the additions to the Gold version, but we'll have to wait for details - including the versions this TGN release will be compatible with. 

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