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Sacred 2 - Preview @ Worthplaying

by Magerette, 2008-03-10 18:05:19

Worthplaying has a preview up for cdv's and Ascaron's action rpg, Sacred 2:Fallen Angel, which goes over all the basics they observed in the PC demo:

When starting out, players choose from one of six character classes (Dryad, High Elf, the Inquisitor, the Seraphim, Shadow Warrior or Temple Guardian), each with its own special attributes and abilities. In addition to selecting a class, players must determine if they will follow the path of Light or Shadow. The Seraphim and the Inquisitor are rooted in the roles of Light and Shadow, respectively, but all other characters are free to choose. Which path you take will determine which quests you receive and which allies you make, as well as how NPCs react when they see you. It's all fairly standard RPG fare at this point, but if it isn't broken, why mess with a successful formula?...

The world of Sacred 2 is vast and beautiful, and the developers tell us that if you scale it out, the map covers 22 square miles, and it is all one continuous realm with no separate load screen interruptions. They also claim that walking from the northwestern to southeastern points takes six hours, if you know where you're going and take the most direct route. 


RPG fans are a picky lot, and many have grown tired of the stilted JRPG storylines and overly emotive and self-important heroes. The big question right now is if Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is willing to break with convention and offer something new and fresh. So far, it looks like all the pieces are in place for a fun and lengthy quest that will likely draw in fans of epic dungeon crawlers...

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