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Sacred 2 - Preview @ Frictionless Insight

by Magerette, 2008-03-11 16:42:55

Games site Frictionless Insight is the next to post a preview of the upcoming action rpg from Ascaron and cdv, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, and it's quite detailed, dlving into the plot and gameplay mechanics:

Sacred 2 plans to offer two parallel storylines set in a colossal world...Set in this huge world are two campaigns – the "light" and "shadow" campaigns. Each will host around 180 quests, and although some of the quests will be similar, that's because characters on the two campaigns get to approach them from opposite sides...

Ascaron has implemented a morale and leadership system among the game's monsters so that they behave as a more realistic group than a simple mob. For example, a group of kobolds might be accompanied by a mage as well as a kobold leader. If that leader gets killed, the morale of the others might fail, causing the band to run away until it can regroup and designate a new leader.

There are also battles with huge bosses..[they] will have weaknesses and attack patterns that will need to be deciphered before players can achieve victory. Such battles won't be a matter of simply equipping the best weapons and pounding away at the boss-sized enemy.

A little on multiplayer:

Multiplayer action is a key part of the design of Sacred 2. Ascaron is planning a variety of multiplayer modes ranging from cooperative adventures to all-out player-vs.-player combat. The big selling point of Ascaron's plans is that multiplayer play will still build up your single-player character. When you leave a multiplayer game, you'll retain the items and experience that you gain, going back to your place in the single-player campaign. As in other action/role-playing games, players will be able to choose paths, skills and combos that might emphasize single-player play, co-operative play or multiplayer mayhem, and each configuration will act and look different.


Source: Bluesnews

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