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Mass Effect - Bring Down the Sky Impresions @ IGN

by Dhruin, 2008-03-13 22:51:48

IGN has a page of impressions from BioWare's Bring Down the Sky DLC for Mass Effect.  They describe is as "not revolutionary" but still a "worthy addition" and here's a sample:

By listening in on a series of breathless transmissions by a woman named Katie Bowman, you find out that a group of Batarian extremists has tampered with the 'roid's propulsion fusion torches, placed there to bring the rock closer to the world of Terra Nova for easy mining. Now, X57 is hurtling toward the planet, threatening the lives of the 4 million humans who call it home.

There are three fusion torches on the X57, and you're charged with disabling them all by heading inside their control facilities and fighting the Batarians who guard each one. You'll also face their Batarian War Beasts, which is another name for "slavering blue hellhounds."

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