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Jumpgate Evolution - Progress Report & Media

by Asbjoern, 2008-03-15 14:07:34

Managing editor of MMORPG.com Jon Wood has interviewed Producer Hermann Peterscheck of NetDevil about the progress of Jumpgate Evolution:

While I was sight-seeing and let’s be honest, drooling a little bit over the look of the game, the actual purpose of the demo was to show off JGE’s battle stations. There are two different kinds of station in JGE.The first is the “Core Station”. Core Stations are where players go to “transact non-combat related activities: missions, buying and selling, trading, stuff like that”. Basically, these stations serve as cities for players.The second station, and the focus of the demo, is the Battle Station. Battle Stations, as you might imagine, are well-defended fightable enemies. These stations are kind of like raid bosses that you might find in other games. They require skill and thought, people working together, and all of the elements that make MMOs grand:

“Battle Stations are staged combat encounters, the one I showed had 3 stages: 1) kill turrets which reveals a shield core 2) destroy the shield core which reveals the energy core 3) Destroy the energy core which ends in a large explosion and loot fountain.”

MMORPG.com also offer a single exclusive screenshot of JGE.

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