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PotBS - Patch v. Released

by Asbjoern, 2008-03-18 23:40:18

This is indeed a great day for Pirates of the Burning Sea players. The games has been upgraded from v. to v. introducing a lot of changes, bug fixes and additions. Some of the major points are:

  • Bey's Retreat: Bey's Retreat is the unapproachable stronghold to which the Corsairs of the Main escape when the national navies and Brethren pirates chase them down. You and your allies (do not try this alone) have a rare window of opportunity to attack when the defenses are weaker than usual. Still, the chances of everyone making it through unscathed are minimal. See Mattt's Devlog for more info.
  • Changes to Open Sea battle placement: We've replaced a system where allies sometimes spawned too far from the battle to make it into the fight before it was over and enemies sometimes spawned on top of each other. The new system should result in a more fun experience for all. See Taelorn's Devlog for more info.
  • Underdog tools: If your nation wins the map, it becomes more difficult for them to do so next time. The losers get a little boost. See Isildur's Devlog for details.
  • UI Improvements: We've revamped chat channels, added chat bubbles (that you can turn off), improved the Social UI, and made other changes. See Fraxl's Devlog for more info.
  • Fight Gold Spammers: Among other changes we've made to combat these parasites, you can now use /spam to report gold spammers without leaving the game or right-click the character name in your chat window and choose Report Spam. Reporting spam also automatically adds the character to your ignore list. There are many other changes we're very excited about. Details of some are listed below.

You can read the entire (and very long) release notes here.

Source: Bluesnews

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