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Might & Magic VII - MM7Rev4Mod v2 Released

by Dhruin, 2008-03-19 06:43:15

We don't get too many Might & Magic newsbits beyond Dark Messiah so it was a nice surprise when Nathan wrote in to point out BigDaddyJim's creatively named MM7Rev4Mod.  Nathan spotted it at Celestial Heavens and their Round Table forum provides some details and links:

The MM7Rev4modR1 provides a modified game sequence for the original Might and Magic VII gaming world.

About 30% of the game ‘events’ code has been altered and about 50% of the game map areas have been modified in some way or another.

The mod is completely changed with new quests. You can also come back to Emerald Island which is also a new feature.

A few graphic ‘enhancements’ have been contributed by the ‘modder’
Pascal by way of custom weapons and armor. 

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