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Avernum 5 - Review by Scorpia

by Dhruin, 2008-03-21 23:20:06

Scorpia has reviewed Avernum 5, finding a number of faults but obviously enough entertainment to want to play through a second time.  Here's a bit on moral choices:

The contention for land is especially fierce, epitomized by the squabble between Highground and Muck. Highground is a closed town, allowing no new settlers, and claiming all the areas in the vicinity as its own. They’re even willing to pay the giants to attack Muck to get rid of the people holed up there.

Highground wants you to be the go-between, making the offer to the giants. Muck would rather you kill the giant Queen instead, making them safer. This is one of a number of “ethical” situations in the game. Which side do you help? Or do you just ignore both and go your way?

The main choice, however, is between staying loyal to the Empress and hunting down Dorikas, or switching sides and joining the Dark Loyalists. That decision leads to one of the two endings and an epilogue.

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