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GW Factions: Review @ Computergames.ro

by Dhruin, 2006-07-07 22:53:00
88% is the score for Guild Wars Factions in Computergames' <a href="http://www.computergames.ro/site/p/articles/o/review/lng/en/artid/785/" target="_blank">review</a>:<blockquote><em> Aside from the two new professions, the Asian theme and the new continent of Cantha, another feature of Factions is the mission system for the storyline. In Prophecies, each completed mission granted you one skill point and the completion of a secondary object meant that you received a bonus of 1000 experience points (XP) a  this was indicated by the swords over the city where you received the mission. Factions works in much the same way, except besides skill points and XP you also receive gold. Moreover, you dona "!t have to complete a secondary objective, but finish the mission in a certain amount of time. If you complete it in less than 30 minutes youa "!ll receive 1500 XP and 150 gold instead of the standard 1000XP / 100 gold. If you finish the mission under 20 minutes, youa "!ll receive 2000XP and 200 Gold, at which point there will be three swords over the city you got it from.</em></blockquote>

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