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Alien RPG - Job Openings

by Dhruin, 2008-03-24 10:45:04

Obsidian is advertising a new creative designer position for their Alien RPG:

We are searching for an experienced and talented designer to contribute to the level and narrative design for our Aliens console role-playing game. In this position, you will help shape the feel of the entire game.

For this position, design responsibilities refer primarily to content creation - this involves laying out area designs (on paper and blockouts), the ability to do area layouts in the editor, designing the pacing of quests, events and dramatic action, scripting character interactions, events, and cut scenes, all with the intention of giving characters and encounters in the game life. Excellent scriptwriting ability and writing skills are necessary. Area construction experience is a plus.

This is not a game writing position; we are looking for a designer who can script characters within a game environment and is equally proficient with area construction along with narrative/character design.

I'm not sure why they specifiy "console RPG", when it has been announced for console and PC. 

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Alien RPG

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