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Avernum 5 - Wrap Report @ RPG Vault

by Dhruin, 2008-03-26 22:16:07

Jeff Vogel has penned an Avernum V wrap report for RPG Vault.  Here's a snip on the strengths:

Avernum 5's greatest strength, I can say with some confidence, is its storyline. From the very first few minutes of play, the game creates an atmosphere of danger and paranoia. The hunt for the assassin is always part of what is going on, and his constant attempts to kill you add a lot of excitement and interest.

I am also very happy with the game's encounter and dungeon design. Avernum 5 has no generic dungeons. There is always something cool going on, and the enemies are unique and unpredictable.

Finally, I think that the game system has reached a level of detail and polish that I am very happy with. The game plays very well. It introduces a battle discipline for warriors and archers, giving them a variety of interesting tactical options. The game system is deep enough to give a lot party building and strategic options, but it's not overwhelmingly complex.

And the weaknesses bit that follows immediately after says the next group of games (presumably after GF5 and AV6, which wrap up the two current series) will use new OpenGL engines.

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