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Fantasy Wars - Review @ Jolt UK

by Magerette, 2008-03-28 20:58:55

Jolt has a review up for Ascaron's and Ino-Co's turn-based fantasy strategy title, Fantasy Wars, giving it an overall score of 5.3/10:

...And, ultimately, everything about the game is basic to average at best. The good implementation of the strategy makes up for what would otherwise be a pretty unimaginative and uninspiring game that would at best be described as a homage to a much loved aging genre. At worst one could assume that it’s too little too late and way past its sell by date. We’ll opt for the former and offer this up as one for the hardcore orc battling fan boys out there who don’t want hack and slash but prefer their orc slaying to be a little more thoughtful. Fun while it lasts, which for most people won’t be long.

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