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Dungeon Siege 2: New Armors and Screens

by Kalia, 2006-05-31 23:46:00
RPG Dot is hosting two screenshots and two concept art pieces for armors to be included in the upcoming Dungeon Siege 2 expansion, Broken Worlds. The first screen regards the Assassin's Armor:
The blood and rune magic that assassins use is forbidden by most societies. Practicing it is punishable by anything from exile to execution. This is of little concern to Blood Assassins, who believe their abilities put them above society.

Assassin armor is flashy and has potent runic woven throughout it that enhances its effectiveness. Only those who have learned the tenets of blood and rune magic can wear it, so Blood Assassins wear it to mark themselves, daring others to defy them.
The second armor is the Defender Armor:
Much like Dryad Nature Mages are protectors of the wild jungles and natural spaces of Aranna, Dwarven Fists of Stone are protectors of the mountainous natural spaces of western Aranna. They protect travelers moving through their lands and battle hostile creatures who would invade or despoil their homes. Their armor is strong, but flexible, and is equipped with many types of supplies and tools. Its enchantments increase its durability, but prevent anyone other than a Fist of Stone from using it properly.

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