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Eschalon: Book 1 - Review @ RPG Codex

by Dhruin, 2008-03-30 03:17:33

RPG Codex has kicked up a review of Eschalon penned by Elwro.  I'd say the article is mildly positive but a number of things do come in for criticism:

As for the quests themselves, usually there's only one way of completing them. Sometimes it's painful as some entirely reasonable options haven't been included; I guess that's where the low number of people working on the game shows the most (apart from the abundance of typos). For example, you may learn that a certain respected member of the starting town community does some really bad things. And while you can tell on him, nothing happens... this wouldn't be so bad, since you can come up with a plausible explanation when you know the details, but you aren't even given an option of confronting him – no new dialogue choices appear! Another case is when some shady guy gives you a quest which involves murdering a person you've most likely gotten acquainted with by that time. Unfortunately, you can't even tell her that someone's after her life. Sadly, stats do not seem to have influence on which dialogue options you get. 

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