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Wizardry 8 - New Mod

by Dhruin, 2008-03-30 03:23:05

I should say "newish", because it was released a few months back.  DoddTheSlayer wrote in to point out his unnamed mod for Wizardry 8, which is being discussed in this thread on our forums:

1: New monsters with new skins
2: Extended Storyline
3: New npc quest givers to support extended storyline
4: Reconfigured monster generators and monster toughness for more challenging battles battles.
5: Some new terrain graphics, but only for Arnika at this time.
6 New NPC custon item makers.

The purpose of this mod is twofold.

1: To extend the storyline and through new quests.
2: To make the battles challenging right throughout the game even up to level 50 because normally the game becomes too easy after level 20 and there is no longer reason to further develop your party.

I should warn you that magic is scarce in this game as certain things are now only available via generated traders which means that sometimes they are there and sometimes not.
For that reason the readme file contains info on their locations. This is a necessary spoiler.

Read the linked forum thread for screens, direct links to the files and further disucssion. 

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