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Fantasy Wars - Review @ 2404.org

by Magerette, 2008-04-02 18:59:23

2404 has posted their review of the fantasy strategy/RPG-ish title from Ino-Co, Fantasy Wars, this one with a positive slant and a final score of 7/10 :

Despite my lack of experience with the turn-based genre, the gameplay was exactly what I had anticipated. The only difference between this and other games in the genre is the inclusion of a couple of role-playing elements... In addition to experience, the other main role-playing elements in Fantasy Wars are the unit skills and abilities. As your units are gaining experience they’ll gain new abilities...

For this reviewer the main drawback of the game, other than its generic storyline, is the difficulty level, and the conclusion is the game is not for everybody:

Fantasy Wars is an addicting strategy game that I enjoyed playing once I found the cheat codes. It suffers from being too difficult and very generic – practically replicating a storyline from The Lord of the Rings. As far as replay value goes, there are three full campaigns, which would take many hours to complete, and there is also a multiplayer component. If you’re up for a big challenge and really enjoy the TBS genre, then I would definitely recommend Fantasy Wars to you. For the average strategy fan, however, I urge to exercise caution.

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