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Avernum 5 - Review @ CVG

by Dhruin, 2008-04-05 23:42:29

This is the second review of Avernum 5 from a bigger site in week, although the score at GameZone is a lowly 5.9/10 in spite of the reasonably positive comments.  The breakdown at the end shows gameplay at 7/10, so the graphics and sound have dragged down the overall score:

Like so many other games of this vein, you will roll into areas/towns and discover that the good people of the underground kingdom could sure use a hero to help out with the problems that plague the locals. There is an absolute ton of sub missions and side quests to find and complete in your overall quest and during those adventures some new abilities can be discovered as well as more powerful weapons. I can't say that the game really came up with anything that I haven't played a 100 times before, but I will give credit for a bit better of a realized plot. There is no arguing that the graphics on this game are waaaaaayyyy old and the game could probably be played on that computer you put up in the attic six years ago. So in that sense, while the game doesn't suffer from the dated graphics, I believe most players will be turned off by the appearance and visuals the game has.

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