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Lineage 2 - CE Coming to Europe

by Asbjoern, 2008-04-07 09:15:18

NCsoft has announced they will release a Collector's Edition of Lineage 2 in Europe. Quote below taken from the Eurogamer MMO channel:

The limited release will see the light of day on 25th April, and cost GBP 54.99 or EUR 79.99: a mark-up over the standard edition price of GBP 14.99 / EUR 19.99.

For your extra money, you get three game account codes – 30 free days' play for yourself, 14 for a buddy and an additional 14-day trial – and 15 extra days of game time, should you want them. You also get three in-game accessories: a mask, a lollipop that turns you into a pig, and a discount token that can be redeemed for gender change. If only real life were so easy.

Then there's an art book, a soundtrack CD, two posters, an official map printed on "vintage" paper, and a hand-painted statuette limited to a run of 5500. 50 boxes also contain a Charlie-style golden ticket, granting them a rare figurine.

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