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RPGDot Feature: A Conversation on The Broken Hourglass

by Dhruin, 2006-06-01 00:49:00
Continuing our tradition of exploring indie titles, we had the opportunity to talk to Planewalker Games about their recently revealed title, 'The Broken Hourglass'. Many readers will know Jason Compton and Westley Weimer from their Infinity Engine mods and fans of games such as Baldur's Gate, as well as those that particularly like party banter and interaction (including romances) should check this out. Here's a sample:
RPGDot: The Broken Hourglass is party-based, with the player creating a single protagonist and adding additional party-members as they go. Given your background, should players expect a distinct emphasis on party interaction? Please detail the party dynamics and what form the interactions will take.

Jason Compton: {...} Yes indeed, players should expect a distinct emphasis on party interaction, both between the NPCs and the PC and among the NPCs. NPCs will strike up conversations with each other and the player, and interrupt and interject their thoughts in the middle of discussions or quests when it strikes their fancy. There will also be the prospect of romance between the PC and some of our NPCs, depending on the temperament of the PC and the level of interest on the part of the player, of course.

Some NPCs will get along relatively better than others. A couple won't be terribly popular with anybody in particular. Some will mix like oil and water, although we have made a conscious decision to avoid any "come-to-blows/he-goes-or-I-go" incompatibilities this time out.

In addition, our engine allows us to easily track the qualities of PC actions or words. One NPC may greatly disapprove of actions or words spoken in anger, for instance, while another may applaud the application of rational thought. This will affect their degree of commitment to the PC's leadership, and the PC's ability to influence their power development.
We were fortunate to get some very detailed answers, as well as an exclusive screenshot - head here to read it all.

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