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White Gold - Interview @ Payground.ru

by Dhruin, 2008-04-10 23:14:17

Deep Shadows' official blog has a translated interview on White Gold from a site called Playground.ru:

PG: Why work on WG development process takes so much time? What is the reason of probable movement of release date?

DL:  There is no final decision about fixed release date at the moment. Development process of WG is going through the final stage. Main workflow is concentrated on balancing issues, polishing and other small fixes – part of work that need to be done in order to finish good project. We are doing all efforts to finish these tasks before May. Our main goal now is to produce qualitative scoring, that deals with really huge amount of dialogues and FX. It is possible that work on game scoring can extend development process and move release date a bit further.

PG: Is there any changes in game concept, plotline, technology in comparison with official information stated in before?

DL: The conception and plotline wasn’t changed, but there are many news concerning technological features – developers significantly improved water and underwater environment, implemented day-night cycle and weather changes into the game as well as set of ergonomic improvements of gameplay. At the moment we are tweaking skill level of enemies and learning NPCs to react on weather and day/night changes. We are trying to make gameworld more vivid and alive in general.

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