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Darkfall Online - Dev Journal #25 @ WarCry

by Asbjoern, 2008-04-12 19:53:43

The Darkfall developer journal series at WarCry reaches entry #25. This entry touches, among other things, beta testing:

Darkfall is feature complete and we're doing beta testing using professional testers as we've said before. Our policy on testing has always been that it's to aid the developers in making Darkfall as stable as possible, and not to aid some artificial goal like investor relations, or public relations. We don't care about that and the effectiveness of testing based on these goals is very questionable judging by the beta leaks everyone is accustomed to and which have been hurting the games in question. It's also not good for the players because they usually don't enjoy the experience. We don't expect playtesting to sort out major problems, other than getting reports on hardware configurations and further testing out some gameplay features.

Source: Bluesnews

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