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Depths of Peril - Review and Award

by Magerette, 2008-04-14 15:59:25

Gas Bandit Gaming's blogspot has a review up for Soldak's strategy/rpg, Depths of Peril and posts a favorable summary with a score of 'B-' :

Launching in September of 07, Depths of Peril is a game that got by under my radar until recently. A game from a small, self-publishing developer which mixes action RPG elements with socio/political ones to make a sort of "Diablo meets Command HQ" type experience, it isn't the glitziest title one might play but under the modest exterior the game has an interesting hook that, if it is your particular cup of tea, will keep you tussling at it long past your bed time.

Meanwhile, Soldak's official webpage points out that indie game review site Bytten has given DoP their "Ernie" award for Best Overall Game of 2008:

This is one of those rare gaming experiences that only come up once in a blue moon for me. Although the appeal of Depths may not have been as universal as some of the other games I have reviewed this year, I must say that it's just about everything that I need in an action/RPG.

The jewel in the crown is the persistent and dynamic game world where every action has a consequence. But intelligent randomisation, huge boss fights, massive amounts of loot and collectibles, ease of modding, customisation of just about everything in the game, awesome in-game fiction - the list just goes on and on. Pure geek mana from heaven.



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