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Space Rangers 2: Review @ Gamepyre

by Dhruin, 2006-07-08 23:44:00
Gamepyre has reviewed Space Rangers 2, awarding 86%:
Role-playing: the RPG aspect of this title comes through the types of ships that can be bought, the level and power of the equipment which they can hold, and of course, the six talents of your pilot. These six talents are Accuracy, Mobility, Technical, Trade, Charisma, and Leadership. Beginning with the types of ships available, there are essentially three classes a fighter, freighter and merchant. Fighter crafts often feature the best armor, highest speeds, and most weapon mounts, but unfortunately have terrible space for cargo. Unlike the nimble fighters, the freighters are usually large and slow, making up for their relative inability to defend themselves with tremendous room inside for cargo. For those players who need a mix of the two, merchant class ships provide just enough for the player on the go, allowing them to hold up in a dogfight against pirates trying to drain the load of fresh cargo that's ready to go. Dependant on your location within the star system, and the design of the ships, different equipment will be available to you, which, of course, will take up more room, but allow for things such as much greater firepower, a huge fuel capacity, the ability to fly far and fast, and shields so that you can take a beating without skipping a beat. These features will be crucial for players who are trying to finish the game, as the dominators are an unrelenting bunch, and considering how fast the very first waves of them can cream novices, I'd be willing to wager that the advanced forms of their life can tear even experts to shreds. Now, a perfect ship will be nothing against this race unless the pilot knows what hea "!s doing, or has a fleet available. Dependant on those six talents listed off, each pilot will be able to do his own thing, whether it's going in single handedly and ripping a fleet apart, or sending a wave of his buddies in. Dependant on what you're doing to finish the game, it may be worth balancing your skills, as they will only expand with a certain amount of experience, which is awarded for kills, trades, and successful missions. As the experience points pile up, and friends flock to the wing, your skills will grow too, but just make sure to keep it all in balance, or youa'll soon fall victim to your own success.
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