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Spellforce 2: Review @ AtomicGamer

by Dhruin, 2006-07-09 00:06:00
Spellforce 2 has been <a href="http://www.atomicgamer.com/article.php?id=166" target="_blank">reviewed</a> at AtomicGamer. The score is 79% and here's a bit on the two modes:<blockquote><em>In RPG mode, youa "!ll play the game just like you would most Action-RPGs. Target your enemy, either right click them or click the sword under their portrait, and boom, youa "!ll attack. You have some special abilities that you can use, too a  melee attacks, spells and such are RPG staples and make their appearance here. You can set them to one of many hotkey buttons and hit a number key to activate them. Therea "!ll even be a skill tree you can move through as you gain experience from completing side quests and beating up monsters. Spellforce 2 will be very familiar to most anyone that has played a recent RPG.<br><br>The RTS side of things is very easy to pick up on, too. If you have played any sort of strategy game in recent memory, particularly Warcraft III (which the RTS portion feels similar to), youa "!ll have no issues with playing the strategy portion of each mission. You have your hero units (which were the same heroes you controlled in the RPG portion of the mission), your builders and then military units of varying power. The options in this mode, though, also do leave something to be desired. Unit AI doesna "!t seem to be too great here, for example. Also, the lack of any ability to put my units in formations can hurt.</em></blockquote>
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