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Depths of Peril - Review and Updates

by Dhruin, 2008-04-20 12:47:08

A new review for Soldak's Depths of Peril is on offer at RPGFan. The score is 84% and the text is very positive, some criticism of the lack of story aside:

Depths of Peril is a game for true gamers. This is rare among anything with the letters "RPG" printed near it. Most RPGs these days excel in presentation: the story, the graphics, and the sound are superb. Soldak didn't have the budget or the manpower to boost these aspects of the game, and even if they did, I don't know if they would have bothered. Depths of Peril doesn't care to be a book, or a movie, or a soundtrack. It is simply a game, and it is a great game, so long as all you want is a solid, interactive experience with none of the frills of high-budget PC titles. For thirty dollars retail (direct from Soldak's website), it's not a bad deal; plus, you can pat yourself on the back for supporting an independent developer!

Checking the DoP forums for the latest, it looks like a retail release might be coming and they apparently have two projects in the pipeline:

Unfortunately, there isn't too much I can say quite yet about future plans. We do have 2 projects in the works right now so we do have some upcoming things to announce, but it will still be a little while until that happens.

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