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Fantasy Wars - Review @ Strategy Informer

by Magerette, 2008-04-22 18:42:42

The reviews for Ino-Co's and 1-C's  Fantasy Wars continue to trickle in, this one from a strategy-oriented sight a bit more positive. Unlike some of the reviews posted, Strategy Informer  doesn't find the game overly difficult, and gives the turnbased title a 7.2 overall score:

 Remember the first time you ever saw Battle Chess? I recall fiddling with that game for hours to setup fights between each unit so that I could see the animations for all possible combinations of opponents. Eventually, though the game lost its allure and was just another chess game. Fantasy Wars is much the same...

All in all Fantasy Wars is a solid game. It’s very pleasant to play, it’s easy to both play briefly and walk away, or to completely lose track of time in the “just-one-more-turn” scenario. The graphics are pleasing and enjoyable, the AI is frustratingly dumb at times and nothing stands out as a jarring or grating game. It’s solidly average. If you are looking for a fun turn based strategy game pick this one up – it won’t change your world but you won’t regret your time with it. If you are not a turn based strategy fan give it a miss, Fantasy Wars isn’t going to make any converts but it won’t drive away anyone who enjoys the genre either. 

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