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Scorpias Lair - About Those Stories

by Dhruin, 2008-04-23 23:31:49

Scorpia has taken a look at the 15 Best Video Game Stories Ever we reported recently from GamesRadar and noticed all of them (according to Scorpia) use pre-created characters.  She goes on to muse about the importance of this in creating a good story:

Some games may allow for a diverging of the plot - usually between good and evil - but the story itself is about the particular person. And to me, that is a flaw, something that takes a little bit of the edge off the playing experience.

Hey, I’ve liked the stories in a number of games I’ve done. However, as I wrote way back in I Gotta Be Me, there is a feeling of apartness when I’m running a character given by the game. No way do I ever think of it as me, be the person male or female.

Planescape: Torment had a great story. It would have been a good novel. But I didn’t like Nameless, and I didn’t much enjoy maneuvering him through the game. I could never imagine myself being him, for one thing.

Fallout 2 is on that list, and while I don't think FO2 would be on my list of best stories, it has a full chargen unless you count being a descendent of the original Vault Dweller as "pre-created".  Anyway, agree or disagree?  What games had great stories and do you need a preset protagonist?

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