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MMOWatch Feature: Age of Conan Hands-On

by Dhruin, 2008-04-25 01:58:41

Yes, it's been a long time between drinks for MMOWatch articles but this is a great place to kick off the return of new content. Surely the most anticipated upcoming MMORPG release, Woges relates his hands-on experience with the recent beta weekend event, which provided some insight into the start of the game. Here's a snip:

As soon as you’ve finished creating your character your slave vessel is hit and you’re shipwrecked, (almost) the sole survivor, on the isle of Tortage. An in-game cut scene ensues and you are greeted by Kalanthes (Hyboria’s wandering priest of Ibis) he tells you to get to the city of Tortage and that the slaver from your ship has headed up the path ahead of you. You’ve suffered memory loss (of course) and must find out about your past. Here the game starts, and the graphics and landscape are impressive, the music sounds like it came straight from one of the classic Sinbad movies (sound is well done in general). The slow rolling waves are a nice touch to this serene introduction. There’s wrecked ships, wreckage, dead bodies, scavengers and crocodiles are scattered around for early combat practice.
Read it all here.

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