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Two Worlds: The Temptation - Interview @ CRPG.RU

by Magerette, 2008-04-27 23:29:06

CRPG.RU  posts an English language interview with Miroslaw Dymek, CEO and Technical Director of Reality Pump, about their upcoming stand alone sequel to Two Worlds, which is sensibly not called "Two Worlds 2,"  but Two Worlds:The Temptation:

CRPG.RU: Are we going to see any changes made to the combat system? Specifically to the riding-mount combat element?

Miroslaw Dymek: "The Temptation"'s combat system is very varied - it profits from our really powerful game engine. There are two different combat styles for each weapon. Either a Combo, combining 4 quick blows in succession, or a Power Hit, which is a little slower but causes much more damage. The different combat techniques can be expanded with skills. Apart from that, it's now possible to carry a lance that will wreak havoc on your enemies on the ground when you're on your horse...

CRPG.RU: Can we expect new skills to be implemented and improvements to the role-playing system to be made?

Miroslaw Dymek: All of the hero's possible attributes aren't available at the start of "The Temptation" - he'll gain them bit by bit. In this learning chain, only one attribute after another can be gained - not two or more at once. And independent levels will ensure that some skills will only become available later on in the game. Naturally we'll have Trainers standing by to impart their knowledge to the player. Some of the skills are: Combo-Hit, Power-Hit, Parrying, Running, Carrying Power (Inventory Size), Regeneration, Mana-Regeneration, Elektro-Absorber, Blacksmith's Art, Weapons Maker, Armor Maker, Jump (horse), Bowmaker and the armor skills of Iron Bones, skin and muscles...

CRPG.RU: The "sailing" feature is something we find very exciting. Can you tell us about it? Rumor has it that we'll be able to operate a boat (or a ship?) in real time while sailing over the nearby seas.

Miroslaw Dymek: Yes, in "Two Worlds" - The Temptation" the player has yet another form of transport available. The new region of Tarea has a huge bay with lots of islands. And you'll be able to reach these in a sailboat! When you've learned the relevant skill, you can get into the boat and steer it to your desired destination. The direction of travel is set using the tiller at the stern, just like a real sailboat - but you'll have to watch the wind - a red flag at the tip of your mast will tell you which way it's blowing. Depending on that wind direction, you might have to hoist your sail to move over the water faster. Special series of quests, like a smuggling adventure, for example, have been specially designed for the boat feature - and you'll have to put to sea sooner or later in the Main Quest as well!

Source: GameBanshee

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